10 thoughts on “Coming soon….new projects, tutorials, and more!

  1. Can’t wait to work on your upcoming projects. I have always found your projects beautiful and so easy to follow your directions. Love reading your books as well. In between projects.


    • Thank you, Cheryl! I’m so glad you’ve enjoyed my projects in the past. I hope you’re excited about what is to come. (And yay! Also glad to hear you enjoy my books! You’re the best! 🙂 )


  2. This is exciting news! I look forward to seeing and building many more of your projects, Donna.
    For those of you new to Donna’s work: I’ve been making her books and boxes for years, and each one is beautiful to look at and fun to use when completed. Every small detail is accounted for – inside and out – for polished, finished results that I’ve been proud to give as gifts; that is, when I can bear to let go of them. It’s also just so satisfying to make them; Donna’s famously-thorough instructions make everything easy. 🙂 This is going to be great!


    • Aw, Anne, thanks SO much for the lovely testimonial. I can’t wait to begin sharing my projects here, too! 🙂 I’m so glad you’re excited about them, too!


  3. Donna, I’m new on the scene, but excited to see that you have made a tutorial for a file folder of photos. I’ve been hoping someone would do that. A file folder seems like an obvious choice since the the size is roomy and the gussets are already scored! My friends and I are going to a scrapbooking camp for 3 days this weekend. Hoping to get lots of attention to the project as I work through your tutorial. Happy scrapping!


    • Hi Jan, Yay! So glad you found the project. Sounds like the perfect fit for you. I’ve been teaching a new file folder project each month this year and am slowly working through them and adapting the instructions for online tutorials, so keep your eyes out for that. My next one will go live on my Etsy/YouTube site next week. (I’ll be announcing it here, so if you follow the blog, you’ll get a note about it.) And yay for Scrapbooking Camp! They are SO much fun. I just came back from a craft retreat and loved my time getting to play with pretty paper surrounded by like minded souls. If you have any questions while you’re assembling, don’t hesitate to email me at donna@minibooksrme.com and I’ll be happy to help. Happy crafting! 🙂


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