“Series 2: File Folder Folio #1: Garden” Tutorial Now Available!

Hello Happy Crafters!

So happy to be announcing the first project in this 2019 Limited Edition series! This is File Folder Folio #1 using Stamperia’s beautiful Garden collection! I love playing with every single paper Stamperia makes and this collection was no different. The detail is both charming and beautifully drawn!

The digital tutorial for this project is now available in my Etsy Shop. 

S2: File Folder Mini #1: Stamperia Garden

Read on for more about this project, and a full video walk-through! (You can find the walkthrough on my YouTube Channel as well HERE.) 

Series 1 & Series 2: Currently, there are tutorials available for four of my previous File Folder Folios in my Etsy shop. I started teaching these full-size folder folios several years ago at a local shop. When I launched MiniBooksRMe, I took four of them and re-wrote the instructions to work as digital tutorials. This year, I will be introducing four brand new File Folder Folios!

To keep things from getting confusing, I went back and “re-branded” the first four as “Series 1: File Folder Folios.” The four I’m introducing this year, will be the “Series 2” group. So, in “shorthand” this is the S2: File Folder Folio #1: Garden project. YAY!

These File Folder Folios are made from standard letter size manila folders. They remain full size, with a rescored skinny 3/4″ spine.

The colors and attention to detail in this collection are so pretty! Each interior side of the folder has a unique, interactive layout. (There are no pages attached to the spine. It’s a true folio.) On the inside left of this File Folder Folio, you have a “belted” magnet closure, keeping the unit closed, with a pocket designed into the closure.

Open the closure, then open the top flap to reveal a full length pocket and two more pocket flaps.

This collection came with a sheet of calendar cards (all marked the same, no specific year) with note paper on the back. I cut them apart and made tags from them. So cute!

Then open the Pocket Flaps to reveal a nice big space below for big photos, with a fun little “tuck spot” there at the bottom.

And don’t forget that big pocket! There’s another Three-Panel Folio tucked inside!

So much fun to be found in this cheerful collection! Great for any kind of happy photos!

I matched the ten double-sided papers that come in this collection with a variety of coordinating cardstock colors. Stamperia’s patterning is collage-style with a LOT of detail, so the solid cardstock really helps to set apart the pattern mats, so you can truly appreciate all the little goodies on every mat. I see new elements every time I look at it!

So much goodness already and we still have the whole right side of the folio to explore!

Open up the top flap, and that reveals a side panel with a slant pocket on the back side. That pocket contains yet another large format folder!

Fun space to add a little “garden” pocket!

Even a cute hidden pocket on the back!

There is another panel that opens on the right, with a fun triangle tuck spot. A perfect place to tuck these trimmed down 6×6 cards! The back of both cards have a fun journaling design.

But wait! There’s more! (You knew there would be, right?)

The right side of the Folio is actually a large, full-format pocket.

Slide out the Pull Out Folder and get another big area for full size photos. Add in a few adorable gardening charms to the tabbed flap and you have a fun little folio all by itself.

For more details on this project, plus some helpful tips and materials sourcing, check out the full walk-through of this project here:


Want to make this project using a different collection? 

You’re in luck! The digital tutorial for this project comes with a full Cutting Guide the gives you the measurements for all the file folder mats to make the foundation AND for all the pattern paper and cardstock mats used to decorate the project. Simply substitute the paper collection of your choice. All the mat sizes are there. You’re good to go!

You can pick up the digital tutorial for tis project (and all my other projects) in my Etsy Shop. 

Thanks so much for stopping by! Happy crafting!

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