Pocket Folios 2 + 6×6 Mini Album Tutorial Now Available!

I’m excited to announce the Pocket Folios 2 + 6×6 Album project featuring not one, but two beautiful 49 & Market collections!

49 & Market: Pocket Folios 2 + 6×6 Album

49 & Market

These two collections from 49 & Market are stunning! This project uses the 8×8 Bold & Beautiful collection AND the 6×6 Sweet Reflections collection. All 49 & Market papers (and the die cuts) are from heavyweight cardstock (similar to 110# weight.) Both collections also come with several pages each of 49 & Market’s signature laser die cut images, each meticulously set as delicate punch outs.

You can see from the side view above the texture they bring. In the following photos, some of the imagery is part of the paper pattern and some are the die cuts. So much fun to play with! You will have plenty left over, too. You can add more to this album, or to cards, whatever you wish. Once you start playing with them it’s hard to stop!

What are Pocket Folios? These are small, “pocket-size” folios, each with a unique design. Fun as an individual gift, featuring a few photos, gift cards, or whatever you want to include. Give them away or tuck all five into their “storage unit” and create a unique, folio-style mini album!Each set of Pocket Folios will be a new size, and each set will be stored in a unique foundation. In Pocket Folios 1, we created an upright storage box. This time around, the “storage unit” is a 6×6 mini album created specifically to house these brand-new pocket folios.

Pocket Folios 2: Style 1

Pocket Folio Style 1&are 5 ½” x 5 ½” and are designed to slide into top-loading pockets built into the inside front & back covers. The great thing about this album is that the design, along with the ¾” gussets between each page, allow the folios to be layered & chunky and still fit perfectly into the album.

All five folios have a back page that slides into a pocket, then attaches to the folio with magnets that remain part of the folio even when removed. Pull the folio out and when turned over, the back is designed to be just as pretty as the front. This way they still work beautifully as separate folios or gifts, and not as part of the album.

Pocket Folios 2: Style 2

Pocket Folio Styles 2, 3 & 4 are slightly smaller at 5 ¼” x 5 ¼” and designed so the back flap slides into the side-loading page-pocketsso the folio itself magnet-closes on the front of the album page. The back of each album page left as is, so you can decorate and add photos or journaling. In this case, the back of each page has been designed with a fun die cut pocket & tag.

Just slide the Pocket Folio out of the page pocket and the inserted flap will magnet close to the back of the folio. Turn it over, and it still looks lovely. Beautiful front and back!

Page 1: Back                      Pocket Folio 2: Style 3

Each Pocket Folio is a different design and features a different style closure, from mounted swing tabs to single and double string-tie buttons, ribbon closures, and more.

Lots of fun hidden flaps and pockets, with plenty of room for photos, journaling, or gift cards if being used separately.

I love the versatility of this “storage unit” – it makes a unique and beautiful mini-album when used together with the folios. Or create the folios and use them separately. You can also slide any folio into any page, so they can go in any order. You can even make three of the same kind of folio for all the pages, anything goes!

There is so much packed in this project it would take several posts to show you all the hidden nooks and crannies!

You can see the entire project in my YouTube walkthrough here:

See below on how to pick up your digital tutorial!

Digital Tutorial: is available as an instant download in my MiniBooksRMe Etsy shop here:  https://etsy.me/2WkFJu9

The digital tutorial comes with two PDF files, available as an instant download from Etsy upon purchase.

—You will receive a Cutting Guide PDF listing the sizes of all foundation mats needed to construct the Pocket Folios and the 6×6 Mini Album. The Guide also lists all the sizes of the mats used to decorate all items as well.

—The second file is the Photo/Instruction PDF, which contains detailed, step-by-step instructions teaching you how to assemble and decorate the Folios and the Box. Photos are included for each step.

Thanks so much for stopping by! If you have any questions, please contact me at donna@donnakauffman.com and I’ll be happy to help!

Happy crafting!

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