SALE!! National Scrapbooking Day Comes Early!

Hello Happy Crafters!

I hold two big sales a year National Scrapbooking Day (May 5) and Black Friday. With prolonged quarantine affecting us all I thought it might be fun to move the NSD sale up to April.
Right now through midnight ET next Sunday, April 12th all tutorials are 20% off! My biggest sale ever! No coupon code needed.
Hope this helps lift the spirits! Stay safe!
~ Donna

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10 thoughts on “SALE!! National Scrapbooking Day Comes Early!

  1. I do not understand how I keep missing all the sales by 12 hrs! Everyone of them I have done the same thing. Look on Etsy then go to the website only to find out the sale ended 12 hrs before. Guess I’m not meant to have anymore tutorials!


  2. I see from the above comment by thermietweaks that Donna passed away. Sincerest condolences to the family. What a loss for you! She seemed to be such a wonderful, energetic person. I just found her channel and was hoping to purchase her tutorials as I really love what she makes. Any plans to make them available in the future?


  3. I just found Donna’s mini books and am sad she has gone before I could purchase anything.
    I was a fan of her novels so much. Heaven is lucky to have her. RIP!


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