Fun with Graphic 45: Drop Ins 3 Tutorial ~ Now Available!!

I’m SO excited to tell you that the tutorial for Drop Ins 3 is FINALLY HERE! Whew!! I know a lot of you have been waiting for this and I appreciate your patience while I’ve been (and still am) traveling this month.

I can’t tell you how thrilled I am that you all are loving these Drop Ins. Here’s a bit about the new set, followed by the walk-through video! (If you can’t wait and you need it NOW, here’s the link to the tutorial in my Etsy shop. Click HERE. 

As I did with with the Drop Ins 1 series, I chose the G45 Rectangle Tag & Pocket Album to showcase this set. This time around I went with the ivory album, which is perfect set up for their recently released 12 Days of Christmas Deluxe Collector’s Edition. It is 6”x 8” w/ a 3” spine and comes LOADED with pockets and pages.

There are six folder “units” in this album, each with a pocket page tucked in the middle of the folder. The pocket page has a pocket on the front & back (the front pocket comes with one of G45’s regular tags!) and the page itself is a pocket page, with the side of the page opening up to make room for a nice, oversized tag.

Doing all the math, that means there are 18 pages/36 sides in this chunky baby!

Graphic 45 designed this album with big gussets (spaces) between the each of the six folder/pocket page units, allowing for a lot more fun to be packed in this mini. Making this the perfect pre-made album for Drop Ins!

For those of you who are new to the Drop In concept, this is the third series of “Drop In” interactive elements that can be attached to the front of each of any minibook or scrapbook album page. In this case, we’ll be adding one to the front of each of the six folder/pocket page units.

Each element is different and adds both texture and dimension to the album, as well as the opportunity to add in a bunch more photos in a fun, interactive way.

            Drop In #1

As with past sets, there is a theme. The theme for Drop Ins 3, is Pages!

Each “Drop In” is made completely separately from the minibook, then simply attached to the first page in each of the six units. You can add these elements in any order, you can add just a few if you want to preserve the gusset space to use more of the decorative chipboard pieces or add more photos to the pocket pages.

AND you can make these same Drop Ins again and again to add fun interactive elements to ANY minibook you want!

Drop In #2

This tutorial comes with a Cutting Guide that gives you all the measurements for each of the six different Drop Ins—including the sizes of all the décor mats used! Make any basic minibook or pick up another one of these G45 Rectangle Tag & Pocket albums (they come in black, too!)

Use any paper collection you wish to decorate, then add in as many of these fun interactive elements as you’d like! Add six of the same style, alternate between two or three different styles, or make one each of all six as you will in this project.

Along with these elements you’ll learn a number of different closure techniques, in addition to the standard magnet closure. These Drop Ins would also be a fabulous way to add some interactive fun to the front or inside of any handmade greeting card!


Drop In #3

ALL of the Drop Ins for this series will work with the hand-made Pocket & Flap Album tutorial that came out with Drop Ins 2. You can see the video walkthrough for that project HERE. 

ALL of the Drop Ins series are interchangeable. Meaning they will ALL work in this Graphic 45 pre-made album (the black version was used with Drop Ins 1) and they will ALL work in the Pocket & Flap Album. So versatile! See the Drop Ins 1 set HERE.

Drop In 4

Use the tutorial for the Drop Ins by themselves, attaching them to anything you want…or pick up a G45 Rectangle Pocket & Tag album and use the Bonus Guide that comes with this tutorial to decorate the whole mini AND make & attach the Drop Ins to it.

You can use the same 12 Days of Christmas collection, or any paper collection you wish. All the mat sizes are included. The other two albums I used to display Drop Ins 1 and Drop Ins 2 were also decorated with one of Graphic 45’s Deluxe Collector’s Edition sets. ANY one of them would make a fabulous album, but you can use any collection. Small collection? No worries! Supplement with as much coordinating cardstock as you need to fill the album.


When using the G45 album with this tutorial, you’ll decorate the cover, then each of the 18 pages, front and back, (36 sides) making the pocket tags and the page pocket tags as you go. This works well with 12 Days as each pocket page represents two days, so you get Day 1 through Day 12 represented as you flip through the album.

You’ll also make and decorate each of the six Drop Ins and simply attach them to the pages of your finished mini! You can attach them in the same order I did, or in whatever order best suits your needs, depending on how many photos you want to include in each section.

There is an additional little folder unit inside the front cover and a nice big pocket added to the inside back cover, for additional space to store those leftover photos (make them into tags and tuck them right in that pocket!) The Instructions teach you how to make both.

All told, this is everything you will make with this tutorial, a G45 album, Deluxe Collector’s Edition pack, and some cream cardstock.  I know!

Check out the walk-through of the final project, and see how I attached each Drop In to the album pages.

Then hop over to my Etsy shop and pick up the tutorial and dive in! Your new set of Drop Ins awaits!

Thank you again for your wonderful comments and excitement about these super flexible little bits of interactive fun. I can’t wait to see what you do with them!

Inspiration in Phoenix at Creativation!

What a whirlwind several days were had here in Phoenix, Arizona at the Creativation convention. This is a trade show for shop owners and designers to see (and order!) all of the new, upcoming product being released this spring from our favorite vendors and manufacturers.

Wandering the massive convention hall was like a veritable Disneyland of crafting eye candy, with many craft industries being represented. (Scrapbooking, knitting/quilting, stitching, jewelry making, card making, and SO much more.)  It was ALL inspiration for the creative soul.

I discovered some new-to-me paper crafting companies, like 49th and Market, whose gorgeous papers you will see in upcoming projects. I also purchased new upcoming collections from vendors like Simple Stories and (YAY!) Stamperia! That is part of their eye candy booth above..and a few more of their new Alice collection below. (DROOL!!)

You’ll see brand new foundations from some of our favorites, like Graphic 45 and Carpe Diem. (Below.)


SO much fun!!


Lots of inspiration from the Graphic 45 booth!

It was fun meeting Graphic 45 owner and designer Diane Schultz and the rest of the G45 fam.

Lots of fabulous booths, like this inspiration wall from Jillbean Soup.

But my favorite booth of all was Sizzix. They had me at the flower box window! 

I loved their cute house set up.

Inviting, with so many little creative touches, everywhere you looked.

And check out this fabulous potting shed style set up they had to display all of their Tim Holtz products.

Everywhere you looked in that potting shed was more eye candy! 

I could have moved right in! 

Amazing, right? 

SO much to inspire…

Speaking of Tim, he manned his own trade show booth and was as adorable as ever.  

You could spend all day in his attic stash of a booth and still find new things…

I will have boxes (and crates and cartons) showing up on my doorstep for months. I can’t wait to dive in!

I am packed up this morning and heading back to the mountains of Sedona, where I get to be a writer for the next few days of peace and quiet, before heading back east to my home in the Blue Ridge Mountains. (For more Sedona eye candy, you can check out my “author me” website for more of my adventures there. I’m also on FB and Instagram (@donnakauffman) where I share both writing and crafting fun.

Stay tuned this week as the Drop Ins 3 tutorial will FINALLY make its way to my Etsy shop! Follow this blog or my YouTube channel to get an email when it goes live. Thanks for your patience during this travel-crazy month!

New projects also coming SOON!! (So.Many.Projects!) I am already designing with the new foundation and paper collections I’ve ordered here. I can’t WAIT to start sharing them with YOU! Thanks for coming along on this creative adventure with me. 🙂

File Folder Mini #8: Graphic 45 Christmas Magic Tutorial ~ Now Available!

Hello Happy Crafters!

I’m still in Arizona at the amazing Creativation convention, buying up SO MUCH FUN STUFF that we’ll all get to play with this coming year. I am so excited to share it with you! I promise another fun-filled convention post tomorrow as things wrap up here.

But rightthisverysecond, I’m excited to tell you that the next (and last!) File Folder Mini tutorial is available in my MiniBooksRMe Etsy Shop.

Check out the walk-through right here!


Here’s a little more about the project…

As I mentioned above, this is the final project in the File Folder Mini series – but no worries! It’s not the end of using file folders to make unique minis! I have fun projects already planned, with new formats, but this completes the series of this style and size.  I loved using G45’s brand new Christmas collection. Bright, cheerful colors and cute designs. So much fun!

These File Folder Minis are made from standard manila file folders, then decorated with your favorite paper collections. Each FFM is 6” x 8” with a 1.5” spine and each one comes with a completely unique interior design.  (You can find tutorials for FFM’s #1 through #7 at my MiniBoioksRMe Etsy Shop.

There are walkthroughs of all eight of the FFM’s on my YouTube Channel.

This month the mini features interactive units on the inside of the front and back covers, along with two full sized pocket pages attached to the spine, with interactive fun on the front and back of each page. Lots (and LOTS) of pull out folders and tags.


I’ve also taken one of the recent Drop Ins 3 units and will show you how to expand it to make it a full page interactive piece. (In two different orientations!) I just love how bright and happy this collection is! (Drop Ins 3 will be in the shop by end of January!)

Big, full-size pull-outs are included in these oversized page pockets. It’s like getting bonus folios inside your file folder mini! Each Page has a completely different Pull Out.


Page 1: Pull Out Folder

You will also learn fun closure techniques and how to add “hidden” flaps and pockets!

So many fun folders and tags. Plenty of room to tuck additional tags into these pockets if you want to add even more photos or journaling cards.

You will lift up surprise flaps to find even more hidden goodies inside…and even that goodie turns out to be a hidden flap! (So many places to tuck more photos.) And that’s just the first page!

The front of the second page shows another orientation of that re-imagined Drop In 3!


Page 2 is a top-loading pocket page, so you’ll learn how to make both page-style orientations. Love the fun pocket pull out!

The back side of Page 2 has some fun hidden surprises as well!


The top flap lifts up to reveal a surprise half flap. Then a bigger surprise, the whole unit slides out of a page pocket, giving you yet another bonus folio!

Then, the inside back cover reveals some hidden secrets of its own!

The pull out folder is a nice size for large photos. But wait…there’s more! Once the folder is out of the pocket, you can open the hidden flaps behind it! Yep, not one, but two! I just love hidden surprises (can you tell?)

So many goodies in this little mini! Change it up with different paper collections, too! All the info is included in the Cutting Guide, so you can decorate to your style or theme.

You can find the tutorial HERE.

Whew! I’ll be back tomorrow afternoon with a big convention post and some fun news about upcoming projects. Also, I AM working on the Drop Ins 3 tutorial. (No, really. I swear!) I had hoped to have that tutorial up first, but my travel schedule has been more hectic than anticipated. This one was more easily do-able, so I wanted to get it out to you so you could make something fun to store all of your Christmas & New Years photos. 🙂

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I’ll be back soon. Until then, happy crafting!


Creativation Convention ~ Phoenix, Arizona!

Hello Happy Crafters!

I am presently in craft heaven in Phoenix, Arizona. Each year, AFCI (Association for Creative Industries – formerly CHA) has a huge convention for shop owners, designers, and other industry professionals to flock to the desert and see all the goodies our favorite vendors will be releasing over the next 3 to 6 months.

  The vendors also offer education classes where you get to play with new product and learn new crafting goodness. I was fortunate enough to get in to Graphic 45′s class, taught by G45 owner Diane Schultz’s daughter, Charee Filimoehala.We got to play with the brand new (not yet released!) traveler’s notebook, and their recent Princess release.

The project was designed by the fabulous Annette Green. (Sorry for the hotel lighting!) 

Some of the project was done according to directions, then I kind of went rogue and added other touches.

A wonderful time was had by all! (And YES, you will be seeing their traveler’s notebook as an upcoming project kit. Paper collection still undecided.)

The other class I was fortunate enough to attend was with the amazing Wendy Vecchi. I have taken her classes before and taught many (many) classes using her wonderful products. Alas, as this is mixed media, it doesn’t lend itself well to kits, but when I teach in person, she is my go-to designer for mixed media classes.

Look at all the amazing product we got from Ranger! (Who produces some of her product.) Stamps, stencils, inks and more! She has designed a new stamping station that I can’t wait to get my hands on. (Not shown here.)

It was SO much fun making these cards. I’ve one yet to complete, but look forward to some good inky fun when I can spare some Me Time to play.

Today the convention show floor opens and I am heading that way now! I will be checking out Graphic 45’s amazing booth, meeting the designers from Stamperia, checking out the latest from Kaiser, Sizzix, Taylored Expressions, and SO.MANY.MORE.

Yes, it’s Disneyland for creatives. I’ve wanted to attend this convention for years and I cannot wait to see what the day has in store.

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Stay tuned!

Happy New Year SALE!

Hello Happy Crafters!

This is a short note with a BIG message! I want to say THANK YOU for making MiniBooksRMe such a success this first full year. I am both humbled and truly grateful for your patronage and your enthusiasm. Your excitement is contagious and so inspiring. I can’t WAIT to share with you the new projects already in the works for 2019.

But first, I want to end this amazing year with a BANG!

SALE!! ALL of my tutorials are currently 10% off!! 

The sale is ON right now and runs through midnight, ET, Wednesday, January 2nd. 

No coupon codes needed. The prices have already been reduced for you, for the duration of the sale.

TUTORIALS: You can check them out RIGHT HERE.  

VIDEO WALKTHROUGHS: Want to see more? There are also walk-through videos of all of my finished projects on my YouTube channel. You can check them out HERE. 

I’m looking forward to another fun year of crafting together!

Happy new year, happy shopping, and, as always, happy crafting!

Stamperia Winter Botanic Card & Box Set Tutorial ~ Now Available!

Hello Happy Crafters!

I’m so happy to share with you this fun project using Stamperia’s gorgeous Winter Botanic collection. 

Check out the walk-through of the completed project here:

  In this project, you will learn how to assemble your own 7.75” x 6.25” x 3.75” storage box. Constructed out of chipboard and decorated with the lovely Winter Botanic papers, with pretty little brass feet and a magnet-closure on the flap. Works wonderfully for A7 & A5 size cards, and would also make a fun container for a chunky little minibook! In this project, however, we’re all about the cards. (And boy, are there cards!)

The tutorial for this project also includes full instructions (including the sizes of all mats used) to decorate 24–yes, twenty-four–cards AND decorate an envelope to go with each one. There are fourteen of the A7 size cards and ten of the A5. Half of each size are done with Kraft cards and envelopes and the other half with cream.

Stamperia paper is so richly designed, that not much is required to turn them into beautiful cards. This collection comes with pre-designed cut-apart cards that do most of the work for you. I also used Stamperia’s coordinating pad of 24 Scrapbook Cards (I love that they make these!) Makes card-making a breeze!

The cut-aparts and note cards are mostly double-sided (and I wanted to use ALL sides, they’re all so pretty!) Fortunately, there were so many cut-aparts included in this collection, even with making two dozen cards, over half of them will have a fun note card included inside, as shown above. Want MORE cards? You can skip adding the cut-aparts to the inside of the card of the backs of the envelopes and make even more cards with them!

All of the envelopes have décor on the front and an envelope seal on the back. The note cards on the envelopes are big enough to include a full address if needed.

  I send decorated envelopes through the mail all the time! Just make sure the décor pieces are fully sealed to the envelope and steer clear of anything with bulk or too much texture that might catch and get torn off. This is where a glue stick is the perfect adhesive!

I like a nice, clean card layout, and with these lush designs, they don’t need much in the way of embellishments. All of these cards are very, very simple construction with a minimum of embellishments required, so assembly is fast and easy.

And yes, as mentioned above, in addition to the instructions on how to build the stationary box, this tutorial does come with full, color photo instructions for every card and every envelope.

In this collection, there are a few happy-holidays-themed cards as well as numerous cards that can be used for a variety of occasions. You can swap out (or cover) sentiments with your own stamped sentiments as well.

Digital Tutorial: You can find the tutorial for this project in my MiniBooksRMe Etsy Shop HERE. You’ll be able to instantly download the tutorial directly from Etsy upon purchase.

Full Project Kits: I also sell full project kits for all of the projects I post here exclusively via my newsletter. (My Etsy shop carries the digital tutorials only.) The kit for this project has sold out (sorry!) but to see all upcoming kits, drop me an email to with Subscribe Me in the subject line, and I’ll be happy to add you.

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As always, I welcome any questions you maybe have. You can reach me directly at that same email:

I hope you are having a wonderful holiday season with friends and family…and sneaking in a little crafty time for yourself as well. Happy holidays and happy crafting!

Carta Bella Country Kitchen Recipe Book!

Hello everyone!

So excited to share this new project with you!  I had so much fun using Carta Bella’s adorable Country Kitchen collection to create this wonderfully functional recipe album.

But before we dive in, I have BIG KIT NEWS!

FULL PROJECT KITS: YESSS!!! By the time I post here, the full project kits are always gone. With Christmas around the corner and folks looking for fun projects to make as gifts (even if the recipient is YOU) I made some extra full project kits. I know! 

Interested in a full project kit? Email me at and I’ll send you all the info on pricing and how to get one shipped right to your door!  ALERT: Once these kits are gone, they are gone!

DIGITAL TUTORIAL: Want to supply your own materials? The digital tutorial is also available in my Etsy shop here. 

Read on to learn about this fun project and watch the video walk-through.

I’ve made a number of recipe books over the years, but this is, hands-down, the most cheerful paper I’ve ever gotten to play with. Carta Bella did such a great job with this bright, colorful, and cute collection, I wanted to put it to really good use.

I spent some time designing this 8” x 10” x 2” to keep the FUN in functional! The inside front cover has a deep pocket, great to hold those oversized recipes you tear out of magazines and swear you’re going to copy onto cards, but never get around to it. Just me?

Then, if you’re like me and you have a LOT of those recipes you tear out of things, that inside front cover pocket folds out and gives you two more big pockets. I know! Super functional, tons of extra space, AND there are roosters! (And wee baby chicks!)

The album itself has 3 big pocket pages. Each pocket page has an additional page attached to the back. This makes 6 pages/12 sides. Each of those 12 sides has five recipe card pockets attached The pockets are wide enough to fit a wide variety of recipe card sizes. Each pocket sleeve does have a stop at the bottom, so every pocket is the same size. (Meaning the top pocket is not open to the bottom of the page.)

Then, because you can never have too much storage room, each pocket page comes with a Pocket Page Pull Out. I know! It’s the recipe album that keeps on giving.

 Pocket Page Pull Outs

Each one of the Pocket Page Pull Outs features a spacious slant-edge pocket, then we attach another pocket on front just in case you have smaller cards or notes that would get lost in the bigger pocket.

This adorable collection also comes with a full 12×12 sheet of cardstock stickers and a full pack of coordinating die cuts. I had so much fun tucking them into the pockets, so you have little peeks of cuteness on each page. There were plenty of leftovers, so you can mix, match, add more, or use whichever little pieces speak to you.

Spacious but streamlined, these six pages hold a minimum of 60 standard 3” x “5 or 4” x 6” recipe cards. Bigger cards will fit, too! Have more recipes? The pockets are spacious enough to fit more than one card. Above, I tucked in the two cards that come with the collection, then added eight more space holders so you could see all 10 pockets more clearly. (The plain cardstock mats shown in these photos do not come with the kit, they are or demonstration purposes.) Of course, if your splitting-at-the-seams recipe box looks like mine, you already have plenty of cards ready for those pockets!

But wait! There’s more!A big spacious pocket on the inside back cover holds a recipe easel stand. How perfect is that? Pull out a recipe, pull out the stand, and you have it up off the counter and easy to read (and keep clean!)

The Recipe Stand comes with two functional sides. The front has a little tray that you can tuck your card into. But if you have something bigger (like those magazine tear outs we talked about earlier) simply use the back of the easel and the clip (that does come with the kit!) and clip your recipe to the stand. Double the function, double the cute!


This project kit comes pre-cut! Yes, this kit comes with your chipboard and cardstock mats for building the foundation AND all the mats to decorate the album all pre-cut for you and stacked in the order of use.

The kit also comes with full color photo, step-by-step instructions.I will have a video walk-through of the finished project as well.

Cutting Guide: As a bonus, your kit also comes with a full Cutting Guide that includes all the sizing for the foundation mats AND all the décor mats as well. This way you can easily re-create this Recipe Album and decorate it with whatever paper collection you choose. Change up the theme completely to suit your needs!

Digital Tutorial: Want to use your own stash from the start? You can find the tutorial for this project HERE.

Want to see the recipe album “LIVE?”  Check out my walk-through of the final project!

As always, if you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to ask! I can always be reached at

Until next time, happy crafting!