Fun with Graphic 45 Project #3: File Folder Fairie Dust Traveler’s Notebook (ALSO! Special GIVEAWAY!)

Hello Happy Crafters!

I’m excited to share Project #3 in my Fun with Graphic 45 Series.

This is the File Folder & Canvas Fairie Dust Traveler’s Notebook.

Last fall I introduced my 5.5” x 7.5” Chunky Traveler’s Notebook, featuring fold out cardstock covers and a Kraft-Tex spine. It was a big hit and the tutorial is still available in my Etsy shop. Since then, I’ve been getting tons of requests to design a Standard 4.5” x 8.75” Midori-sized Traveler’s Notebook, that would hold “Standard” size booklets & inserts.

I wanted to keep the same, functional, multi-use fold out covers, and the four-strap spine. But as my tutorials gained more and more global fans, finding the Kraft-tex I used for the spine in the first TN has been an issue for some crafters.

I played with a number of different products and was delighted with how easy it was to work with backed canvas. It does make the spine a bit stiffer, giving it almost a notebook feel, but it’s still fully flexible and will soften with use.

There are numerous types that you can use (and numerous vendors who sell it), and those will be discussed in the tutorial and walk-through video, which will be available early next month.

Kraft-Tex or Canvas: And yes, you can use the canvas for the spine with the first Chunky Traveler’s Notebook tutorial as well – simply swap out the Kraft-Tex for the canvas used in this project. And vice versa- you can use Kraft-Tex with this project if you prefer it!

Even more fun, as I’ve been playing with the file folders in my File Folder Mini monthly series, I’ve really been enjoying the durability and strength they lend to a project, and by using the lightweight folders, they don’t add unnecessary bulk. I had a brainstorm to pair the folders with the canvas, and voila! My version of a “Standard” size Midori-style traveler’s notebook was born.

Almost! I don’t know about you, but I love to stuff my planners and notebooks full of goodies. That’s why I made my first version of the Traveler’s Notebook a Chunky Style. Well, I’m happy to announce that this version is a Chunky Style, too! (And if you don’t want chunky, simple! You just trim down the canvas spine to the size you want. (Just make sure it’s wide enough to handle the four-cord style weave.)

The covers are sized slightly wider than the 4.25″ Standard Midori Notebook so you can add tabs to your Inserts. The tutorial & kit instructions show you how to make them! And the tabs won’t get all bent up with the elastic strap.

For this project, you have a fold- out front and back cover, that feature a slant pocket on the front of the fold-out, a triple-decker pocket on the inside of the flap, and a long pocket on the inside front and back covers to hold even more of your notes, receipts, a checkbook, whatever you need! The front and back cover, and the pockets, are all constructed from file folders.

But wait! There’s more!

This project also comes with four Inserts! You will learn how to make one Double-Pocket Insert, one plain paper Notebook Insert, and one grid paper Notebook Insert. The kits for this project also come with a “Standard,” Midori-style Calendar Notebook Insert. (Undated.)

For those doing the digital tutorial, these “Standard” size Calendar Notebook Inserts are available from many vendors. The Calendar Notebook Insert included in the kit is the Michael’s brand. You can also simply make another of any of the first three Inserts from the tutorial as your 4th Insert.

You can also purchase any of the other style Inserts as well, but I wanted you to learn to make your own, so you’ll always have a refill replacements handy!

Alternate Papers for Inserts! You can use a variety of papers to make your own Notebook Inserts. Do you like to art journal? Make a Notebook Insert following the instructions and simply use any mixed media paper that suits your style. So many possibilities!

FULL PROJECT KITS: There are a limited number of kits available for this project. Read on to see what is included!



  • Pre-cut file folders, canvas, and cardstock mats to make the cover, the Double Pocket Insert, and two Notebook Inserts.
  • Undated Calendar Notebook Insert
  • Pre-cut/Pre-stacked (in order of use) Graphic 45 Fairie Dust papers to decorate the complete cover & fold out panels, plus all four Inserts.
  • Full Color Photo Step-by-Step Instructions for the cover and the inserts.
  • Full Cutting Guide for future Traveler’s Notebook and/or Insert making, including pattern mat sizes. Use any paper collection you wish!
  • All embellishments and charms shown.
  • YouTube Video Walk-through (links included in the instructions.


Full Project Kits are available exclusively via my newsletter.  

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Prefer to use your own stash? The digital tutorial for this project will be available in my Etsy shop in early April. Digital tutorials for all of my projects are available HERE.  I

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As always, if you have ANY questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.


Happy Crafting!





New Digital Tutorial!

Hello Happy Crafters!

I’m excited to share with you my own take on the “Midori-style” Traveler’s Notebook. You all know I can’t just do something plain and basic. I want more function, more practicality, and definitely more fun. So, I’m officially announcing my Chunky Traveler’s Notebook!

In this digital tutorial you’ll learn how to make the notebook cover using Kraft-Tex and cardstock, which allows you to have a decorated cover (rather than simply plain leather or vinyl.) This style cover also allows you to add more to the inside cover as well!

The front and back covers have magnet closure fold-outs, with multiple pockets for storing notes, receipts, mail, plenty of room to store lots of goodies.

You’ll learn how to weave elastic cord into the spine to hold four booklets. In this project, you’ll create two plain-paper booklets by hand, and learn how to take pre- made, lined paper booklets into something a little more special and functional.

The great thing about the elastic-strap holders is you can easily slide these booklets in and out, which makes them easier to use and more functional, but also easy to replace once the booklets are used up. (I told you this was handy!)

In addition to the four booklets, you’ll also learn how to make a “slide through” folder with dedicated pockets on the front and back. You could add additional pockets to that slide through as well. (And to all the booklets, if you want to make your notebook super-super chunky!) The soft spine and the elastic band that holds the entire notebook closed makes it easy to stuff this notebook with as many goodies and notes as you’d like. You can also easily remove notebooks to create a more streamlined notebook.

There’s even a cute charm woven into the spine, and a barrel charm dangle added to the elastic closure band!

AND I include a full pattern paper cutting guide as well, so you can mat and decorate your Chunky Traveler’s Notebook with Tim Holtz’s Wallflower paper, exactly like mine, or use any paper collection you wish!

Here’s the video walk-through. (Have you subscribed to my YouTube Channel yet?)


To purchase the Chunky Travelers Notebook Digital Tutorial, visit my Etsy Shop!

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Thanks so much for stopping by and happy crafting!