File Folder Mini #6 Tutorial ~ Now Available!

I’m happy to announce that the digital tutorial for my File Folder Mini #6 using the  Graphic 45 Imagine collection is now in my Etsy shop! 

For new visitors, this project is part of the ongoing File Folder Mini Series. (There are tutorials & YouTube walk-throughs for all of them. Yay! Links to shop and channel are over there in the right hand column of this page.)

These File Folder Minis are made from standard manila file folders, then decorated with your favorite paper collections. Each FFM is 6” x 8” with a 1.5” spine and each one comes with a completely unique interior design.

In this jam-packed mini you’ll make a fun satchel-style, deep pocket on the inside front cover that holds a thick, full-sized folio!

Then Page 1 is designed from one file folder piece, including top tab, making a top-loading pocket page that comes with a big folder-tabbed pull out tag. Plus a fun fold-out slant pocket, which holds another folder.

So much room for photos, large and small!

And the fun doesn’t stop there! The back of Page 1 features a fold out double pocket AND an add-on page, giving you tons of photo “real estate.” I love hidden goodies, don’t you?

Then it’s on to Page 2, which is an overlapping split pocket page. With more hidden goodies! Photos on the next page.

Those front pocket flaps are actually pull out folders!

But that’s not all. On the back of these pocket flaps there’s space for another cute folder (because, of course there is! Have you met me?)

Then the inside the back cover has, yes, even more room for small to overlarge tags so you can squeeze in as many photos as possible.

One of the things I loved about this collection is it lends itself well to just about any kind of photos. The theme being to imagine, dream big, keep trying…and the colorful palette strikes just the right tone. Striking, but not overwhelming, so your photos will be the highlight.

Walk-Through Video! 

Want to see more? Check out my walk-through video over on my YouTube Channel HERE.

Instant Download Digital Tutorial! 

Interested in making one of your own? You can purchase the instant-download tutorial for this project, which come complete with a full Cutting Guide in addition to the Step by Step Photo Instruction file. The Cutting Guide gives you all the sizes of the foundation mats to create this File Folder Mini AND all the mat sizes for the cardstock and pattern decor mats. So you can use any paper collection you want!

You can find the tutorial right here: File Folder Mini #6 Tutorial. 

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Etsy Shop Sale & Inspiration!

Have you heard? I’m having a SALE!!

Etsy is celebrating their 13th birthday this week and I’m giving YOU the birthday presents! ALL tutorials in my MiniBooksRMe Etsy shop are 10% off through midnight ET, June 22nd. No coupon needed!

Need a little inspiration? 

I love, love, love getting photos from crafters showing how they’ve used my tutorials with their own choice of paper collection.

Here is a recent File Folder Mini of mine — File Folder Mini #3 — using Graphic 45’s Sun Kissed collection:


Now, check out how awesome this very same File Folder Mini looks using Graphic 45’s Little Women collection!

I love it!!  Isn’t it amazing how different the very same foundation can look depending on how you dress it up?  Thank you, Paula Perry, for sending me those photos.

ALL of my tutorials come with a fully detailed Cutting Guide file that not only gives you the sizes of all mats needed to make the foundation, but they also include ALL of the measurements for every decor mat used. So swapping in the paper collection of your choice is super easy!

The File Folder Mini #3 tutorial, along with ALL of my other tutorials in my MiniBooksRMe Etsy Shop, are 10% off through June 22nd!

Want to see more of this project (and all of my other projects as well?) Check out my YouTube channel for detailed walk-throughs of all of my tutorial projects. (Subscribe to this blog AND the channel so you don’t miss out on future projects!)

Happy crafting (and happy shopping!)

New Tutorial Available & Etsy’s 13th Birthday SALE!

Hello Happy Crafters!

I’m so happy to share Project #5 in my on-going Fun with Graphic 45 Series!

This is the “Drop Ins #1” Tutorial shown using Graphic 45’s Rectangle Tag & Pocket Album and their fun ABC Primer Deluxe Collector’s Edition collection.

BUT! You don’t need this particular album or paper collection to learn all about my fun new Drop Ins. The great thing about Drop Ins is that they can go in ANY project using ANY paper!

Read on for all the info and watch the full walk-through video!

To showcase this project, I chose G45’s Rectangle Tag & Pocket Album. It is 6”x 8” w/ a 3” spine and comes LOADED with pockets and pages. There are six folder “units” in this album, each with a pocket page tucked in the middle of the folder. This makes an 18 page/36 sides minibook. Wow!

Each Pocket Page comes with one of Graphic 45’s regular tags tucked in the front pocket, an the pages themselves also form a large side pocket. Lots of room for plenty of photos!

How “Drop Ins” Were Born…

Graphic 45 redesigned their albums a year or so ago so they now have nice big gussets (spaces) between the each of the six folder/pocket page units, allowing for a lot more fun to be packed in this mini.

And I’ve never met a gusset I didn’t need to fill…

SO….I got to thinking…hmm…how can I add fun and interest to a pre-made book to spruce up this “basic page-pocket page-basic page” format?

For that matter, what about versatile elements I can make and drop into ANY project?


How about adding interactive fun to the front of handmade greeting cards?  Hmmm…..

The wheels started turning and, boom! My brand new Drop Ins sprang to life!

I LOVE these fun, super versatile little elements. For this foundation, I designed a “Drop In” interactive element that can be attached to the front of each of the six folder/pocket page units. BUT these elements can be attached to ANY minibook page.

Each element is different and adds both texture and dimension to the album, as well as the opportunity to add in a bunch more photos in a fun, interactive way. The sizes vary, so there are Drop Ins to fit any size minibook or greeting card.


What Do I mean By “Drop In Element?”

These interactive units are made completely separate from your project, then simply attached to a minibook page (or greeting card!) In this case, using the Graphic 45 Tag & Pocket Album, I attached one Drop In to the front of each of the six folder/pocket page units in the album.


You can add these elements in any order. You can add just a few if you want to preserve the gusset space to use other embellishments like chipboard pieces or add more photos to the pocket pages. You can make one style of Drop In and use it repeatedly throughout. Make them again and again to add interest to ANY project. SO many options!

The Digital Tutorial comes with a Cutting Guide that gives you all the measurements for each of the seven different Drop Ins—including the sizes of all the décor mats.

Make any basic minibook or pick up one of these G45 Rectangle Tag & Pocket albums (they come in ivory, too!) use any paper collection you wish to decorate, then add in as many of these fun Drop In interactive elements as you’d like!

Check out the full walk-through of the project to see the full “Drop Ins #1” set! 


If you want to make this full project, exactly as shown, you’re in luck!!

The Digital Tutorial also comes with a full Cutting Guide and Step-by-Step Photo Instructions so you can decorate this Graphic 45 Rectangle Tag & Pocket Album just like the sample shown. OR follow the Cutting Guide and substitute any paper collection you wish!

Hop on over to my MiniBooksRMe Etsy Shop and pick up your Fun with Graphic 45: Drop Ins #1 Digital Tutorial today!


Have you been checking out the tutorials, trying to decide which one to get? Well, maybe I can help out with that!

Etsy turns 13 this coming week and I’m celebrating by giving YOU the presents!

From June 18th through June 22nd ALL of the digital tutorials in my MiniBooksRMe Etsy Shop will be on sale for 10% off!

No coupon code needed.

The tutorials will be automatically marked down on those days. So browse, shop, buy and you’re all set! Even better, the tutorials are all instant downloads. I love instant gratification!


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I’ll be back soon with more crafty fun!




File Folder Mini #4: Graphic 45 Floral Shoppe Tutorial Now Available!

Hello Happy Crafters! 

I’m happy to announce the digital tutorial for my File Folder Mini #4: Floral Shoppe project is now available in my MiniBooksRMe Etsy Shop! 

Love this gorgeous new collection from Graphic 45! This File Folder Mini showcases all of  the gorgeous floral prints and solid patterns found in this 8-pattern collection.

Plenty of room for photos of all sizes, with big roomy pockets to hold lots of tags & folders!

Lots of fun hidden pockets and flaps, too.

Yep, this entire minibook is made from standard, letter size file folders!

The tutorial for this and other projects are instant downloads upon purchase. Check them out in my MiniBooksRMe Etsy Shop.

Use the same paper collection, or choose one of your own. All the instructions are there.

Check out the complete project walk-through:

Such a fun, easy to make project! There are video walk-throughs of all of my projects on my YouTube Channel.

With this tutorial, you’ll get full color photo, step-by-step instructions (now all in one handy file!) AND a complete Cutting Guide for all the foundation pieces AND all the pattern paper mats. Use any paper collection you want!

To Purchase the Digital Tutorial: Click HERE

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Fun with Graphic 45 Project #4: Botanical Tea Stationary Organizer Tutorial

Hello Happy Crafters! 

I’m excited to share the next in my Fun with Graphic 45 series!

This is Project #4: Botanical Tea Stationary Organizer. 

With this project, I used Graphic 45’s 5” x 7” Ivory Book Box, a set of their Antique Brass Claw Feet, along with papers & chipboard from their lovely Botanical Tea collection to make this desktop organizer AND twelve beautiful cards with coordinating envelopes. I know! It’s a lot of fun and the organizer is surprisingly easy to make!


I was inspired by some of the fun techniques I learned last fall when I was fortunateenough to take classes from three of Graphic 45’s Brand Ambassadors: Maggi Harding, Annette Green, & Ginger Ropp. I’ve been working on this project idea forsome time now and am thrilled to finally be able to share it with you.

The organizer is a compact size, with plenty of room for both A2 and A7 cards (stored as shown.) There are 12 decorated cards and envelopes with lots of dimensional items tucked into the organizer above, with room for plenty more!


More storage fun!

G45’s Ivory Book Box comes with three tags. I decorated one of the cards with one tag, then turned the other two into little stamps & address label holders, which tuck right into their own handy compartment. The other compartment easily holds a whole collection of pens. (I tucked 9 in the pen holder compartment easily w/ room to spare.)


And then there’s all those cards! This tutorial comes with all the instructions on how to build the organizer from one of G45’s Ivory Book Boxes, along with detailed info on how to make the two tag folder holders, as well as assembly information for all six A2 cards and coordinating envelopes, and all six A7 cards and envelopes. All mat sizes and decor element sizes are included, so you can recreate these cards using the Botanical Tea collection, or use the layout designs and substitute your own papers.

I started decorating my envelopes several years ago with the papers leftover from making my cards. I use a glue stick for solid coverage, to make sure the décor pieces are fully sealed to the envelope and steer clear of anything with bulk or too much texture that might catch and get torn off.

Yep, I put these right into the mail! How fun to get a pretty handmade card inside a pretty decorated envelope! Check out the video walkthrough below for more info on how to seal those decor items directly to the envelopes.

Interested in making this project? The tutorial is now available in my MiniBooksRMe Etsy shop right HERE!  This is a digital tutorial. The files are available for immediate download. (Instant gratification!)

For a more thorough look-see, check out the YouTube Walk-Through below!

Questions? I can always be reached directly at

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Happy crafting!

File Folder Mini #3: Graphic 45’s Sun Kissed Tutorial (Finally) Available!

Hello Happy Crafters!

YAY! I finally got this all done and posted. The File Folder Mini #3: Graphic 45 Sun Kissed tutorial is LIVE over in my MiniBooksRMe Etsy Shop and YES, it’s part of my three-day National Scrapbooking Sale, so you can hop over and snag it for 20% off!

Here’s a peek at the walkthrough video, which you can also find on my YouTube channel:


Love love this collection and playing with file folders is always fun. (And those sea turtles! Sigh!)

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More goodies to come, more fun! Happy National Scrapbooking Day-Eve! 🙂

Fun w Graphic 45: Project #3……… File Folder Travelers Notebook…….. Digital Tutorial Now Available!

Hello Happy Crafters!

I’m excited to announce that the digital tutorial for Project #3 in my Fun with Graphic 45 Series is now available in my Etsy shop!

This is the File Folder Travelers Notebook using Graphic 45’s lovely Fairie Dust collection.

Here’s the walk-through video on my YouTube channel. Then read on for more info on the project.

More info on this Travelers Notebook: 

Last fall I introduced my 5.5” x 7.5” Chunky Traveler’s Notebook, featuring fold out cardstock covers and a Kraft-Tex spine. It was a big hit and the tutorial is still available in my Etsy shop. Since then, I’ve been getting tons of requests to design a Standard 4.5” x 8.75” Midori-sized Traveler’s Notebook, that would hold “Standard” size booklets & inserts.

I wanted to keep the same, functional, multi-use fold out covers, and the four-strap spine. But as my tutorials gained more and more global fans, finding the Kraft-tex I used for the spine in the first TN has been an issue for some crafters.

I played with a number of different products and was delighted with how easy it was to work with backed canvas. It does make the spine a bit stiffer, giving it almost a notebook feel, but it’s still fully flexible and will soften with use.

There are numerous types that you can use (and numerous vendors who sell it), and those will be discussed in the tutorial and walk-through video, which will be available early next month.

Kraft-Tex or Canvas: And yes, you can use the canvas for the spine with the first Chunky Traveler’s Notebook tutorial as well – simply swap out the Kraft-Tex for the canvas used in this project. And vice versa- you can use Kraft-Tex with this project if you prefer it!

Even more fun, as I’ve been playing with the file folders in my File Folder Mini monthly series, I’ve really been enjoying the durability and strength they lend to a project, and by using the lightweight folders, they don’t add unnecessary bulk. I had a brainstorm to pair the folders with the canvas, and voila! My version of a “Standard” size Midori-style traveler’s notebook was born.

Almost! I don’t know about you, but I love to stuff my planners and notebooks full of goodies. That’s why I made my first version of the Traveler’s Notebook a Chunky Style. Well, I’m happy to announce that this version is a Chunky Style, too! (And if you don’t want chunky, simple! You just trim down the canvas spine to the size you want. (Just make sure it’s wide enough to handle the four-cord style weave.)

The covers are sized slightly wider than the 4.25″ Standard Midori Notebook so you can add tabs to your Inserts. The tutorial & kit instructions show you how to make them! And the tabs won’t get all bent up with the elastic strap.

For this project, you have a fold- out front and back cover, that feature a slant pocket on the front of the fold-out, a triple-decker pocket on the inside of the flap, and a long pocket on the inside front and back covers to hold even more of your notes, receipts, a checkbook, whatever you need! The front and back cover, and the pockets, are all constructed from file folders.

But wait! There’s more!

This project also comes with instructions on how to make and/or decorate four Inserts! You will learn how to make one Double-Pocket Insert, one plain paper Notebook Insert, and one grid paper Notebook Insert.

The final insert is a pre-made calendar insert. These “Standard” size Calendar Notebook Inserts are available from many vendors. The Calendar Notebook Insert used in the sample is the Michael’s Recollections brand. You can also simply make another of any of the first three Inserts from the tutorial as your 4th Insert.

You can also purchase any of the other style Inserts as well, but I wanted you to learn to make your own, so you’ll always have a refill replacements handy!

Alternate Papers for Inserts! You can use a variety of papers to make your own Notebook Inserts. Do you like to art journal? Make a Notebook Insert following the instructions and simply use any mixed media paper that suits your style. So many possibilities!

Prefer to use your own stash? Not a problem. The tutorial gives you all the sizes of both the foundation mats used to assemble the notebook, and the sizes of all the decor mats used to decorate. Simply substitute your own paper and use the mat sizes in the Cutting Guide to create your own look.

The digital tutorial for this project IS available now in my Etsy Shop! 

If you have any questions, you can reach me directly at

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