Announcing the Pocket Folios Series!

YAY, I finally get to announce the first of three new, limited edition project series’ for 2019. Over the course of 2019 I will be doing four projects in each of the new series formats. I’m so excited to share the first project in the first series with you!

Pocket Folio Series #1 + Upright Display Box

This is the Pocket Folios series! Each set of Pocket Folios will come with five brand new pocket folios and a unique storage or display foundation. For this first set, you will also make the Upright Storage Box shown above. The five Pocket Folios and the Storage Box are all included in the digital tutorial, for Pocket Folios 1, now available in my MinibooksRMe Etsy Shop.

What are Pocket Folios?

These are small, “pocket-size” folios, each with a unique design. Fun as an individual gift, featuring a few photos, gift cards, or whatever you want to include. Give them away, or tuck all five into their storage unit and create a unique, folio-style mini album!

The Series #1 Pocket Folios are all 4 ¼” x 6 ¼”. A nice size with room for big photos, but still small enough for easy gifting or mailing. (Small padded mailer recommended.)

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, I chose Simple Stories absolutely adorable Kissing Booth collection. HOWEVER! This collection works for SO many other things besides the holiday. (In fact, I skipped the cards and stickers that said Valentine’s Day when designing, but you could easily swap them in.) It also makes a wonderful wedding or engagement gift (I’m making this for my newly engaged son and his fabulous fiancée!) An adorable baby, birthday, or anniversary gift OR a fun surprise for any loved one. There are a LOT of leftovers from this versatile collection pack, so swap out stickers and cards for the ones that suit your needs when decorating.

Use ANY paper collection! 

My tutorials all come with the mat sizes to build the foundation AND the mat sizes to decorate the entire project, as well! So you can easily change up the theme to suit any occasion by choosing any paper collection you wish.


Series 1: Pocket Folio #1

Each folio is the same overall 4 ¼” x 6 ¼” size, but that is where the similarity ends! They each have a unique construction and you’ll learn different closure techniques with each one. Folio #1 has a fun flap closure, where the flap itself is also a multi-page little booklet!

The flap opens to reveal a booklet behind the booklet!

Pockets inside with cute tags (and space for more!)

And pages inside this booklet as well.


Series 1: Pocket Folio #2

The second Folio has a cute front-to-back beaded string tie closure, with more fun goodies inside.

Not just one, but two pocket pages!


Series 1: Pocket Folio #3

Folio #3 features a fun booklet closure. Slide that out to reveal hidden flaps behind!

And more hidden goodies behind that pocket front as well!


Cute tabs at the top of each page add to the fun. I used stickers, but tab punches would work equally well.


And don’t forget that little closure booklet! It has a few pages inside as well.

Series 1: Pocket Folio #4

In this folio, you get TWO pocket pages, each with a double pocket featuring fun tabbed tags. You’ll learn how to make those tabbed tags from regular cardstock using an Envelope Punch Board.

(If you don’t have an Envelope Punch Board yet, run to your nearest Michael’s, coupon in hand, and snag one up! I use it in almost of my projects!)


Series 1: Pocket Folio #5

The final Pocket Folio for this set has a fun fold out pocket, which reveals yet another fun fold out!

There are two folders in this folio…one of which is a mini-folio all by itself!


Pocket Folio #5: Mini Folio

Slide out that top folder and discover another mini folio! Inside you’ll find fun little flaps for more photos and journaling. Use the cards shown on the flap fronts, or add your own photos there with journaling or more photos on the back.

I love wee flaps, don’t you?

Pocket Folio Series #1: Upright Display Box

When you’re done making your Pocket Folios, then it’s time to assemble this Upright Display Box. Perfect size to hold all of your Pocket Folios. Giving your Folios away? This makes a great letter/mail holder as well or even tuck a little minibook inside! (I know I want to!) At 5” x 3” x 3”, it’s big enough to hold a lot, and little enough to tuck on a shelf, counter, or desk without taking up too much space.

Can Pocket Folios Double as Drop Ins?

YES! Simply leave the pattern mat off the back cover, add scor-tape instead, and attach directly to any album page. Just like a Drop In, it’s a great way to add interactive fun and these have a ton.

HOWEVER! Keep in mind, these are big units, not designed like the more slender Drop Ins, so they will only work in larger size minibooks. They will fit in the Graphic 45 Pocket & Tag Album AND they will work in my Pocket & Flap Album as well, but you might not want to use them all in one book, especially the G45 album. These are chunky little Pocket Folios, so a ½” gusset space between pages is strongly recommended.

Future Pocket Folio Series News!

I will be releasing a new Pocket Folio set every quarter this year. (The next one will be out in April.) Each series will have a unique display unit that comes with it. The next one WILL feature an album to put them in, so that is coming!

  • NOTE: the size of all 5 Folios will be the same in each set, but the sizes may vary from set to set. This set is 4 ¼” x 6 ¼” but the next will be a different size.

Check out the walk through of the finished project:


Digital Tutorial: 

The tutorial for this project is available in my MiniBooksRMe Etsy shop HERE. 

I hope you love this new series as much as I do. So much fun to design and play with! I can’t wait to share the next set!


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